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FAQ - Direcway Satellite

Document number: faqDW-01
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Direcway Satellite

If you connect through a Direcway Satellite, hotComm may initially configure itself to go through a proxy server. The status on the bottom line of your hotComm window may show as Online-Tunnelled, or you may not be able to connect at all to the 1stWorks Network (you remain Signed-Out).

  1. Left-click on the Online-Tunnelled or Signed-Out message.

  2. In the hotComm Proxy Settings window, first write down any information you see in the proxy server and webport fields. Then, click Directly, and then Ok.

  3. Close hotComm.

  4. Restart your computer, restart hotComm, and try again.

    hotComm should be able to connect to the 1stWorks Network, and your online status should change to Online-Proxied or Online-Direct.