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Firewalls - Windows XP

Document number: faqxp
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Windows XP SP1 (service pack 1) included a simple firewall that is not automatically turned on when installed. This document includes instructions for turning it off.

Windows XP SP2 (service pack 2) includes a firewall with more features. It is set ON when shipping.

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Which Service Pack do I have?

To find out which service pack you have:
  1. Open Windows Start.

  2. Right-click on My Computer and select Properties

  3. The General tab shows which service pack you have.

Windows XP SP2 Firewall

  1. Security Alert

    When the Windows XP SP2 firewall is On and Exceptions are allowed, you see a Security Alert whenever a new version of hotComm starts for the first time. Always choose to UNBLOCK hotComm.

    Security Alert

  2. Unblocking hotComm (hotComm as an exception)

    If hotComm is blocked, you can unblock it by adding it as an exception. Note: you must add each version of hotComm, as you update your hotComm software.

    1. Click Windows Start

    2. Select Control Panel

    3. Select the Security Center icon


    4. Select Managing Security Settings for Windows Firewall

    5. Select Exceptions and make sure that ALL hotComm entries are checked.

      If your hotComm program is not in the list, click Add Programs and add it.

  3. When you are finished, click OK and close the Security Center.

Windows XP SP1 Firewall

Windows XP SP1 (Service Pack 1) includes a built-in firewall. To disable it:

  1. Click Windows Start.
  2. Do one of these:
    • Category view: select Control Panel, then Network and Internet Connections.
    • Classic view: select Settings, then Control Panel.
  3. Click Network Connections, and then double-click the network icon for your network connection.
  4. Click the Properties button, and then select Advanced tab.
  5. Uncheck Internet Connect Firewall.