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FAQ - Ositis WinProxy Firewall

Document number: faqOS-01
Copyright (c) 2001-2003 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

Ositis WinProxy Firewall

If you have a Starband/Dish satellite and are using WinProxy Firewall from Ositis, and are having trouble connecting to the 1stWorks Network, try checking these settings:

On the WinProxy Computer:
  1. Make sure there is no gateway assigned to the internal NIC on your WinProxy machine.

  2. Make sure the DNS configuration on your WinProxy machine is disabled if you obtain TCP/IP information automatically from your ISP, or enabled with your ISP's DNS servers entered if you have a static external IP address. In WinProxy

  3. Go to File->Settings and on the General tab, enable Proxy Cascading. The Cascading Port should be 9877. The Cascaded Proxy IP should be

  4. Enable Flash Acceleration.

  5. Make sure the Current DNS Server List (File->Settings->protocols tab->DNS setup) does not contain your WinProxy machine's internal IP address and does contain your ISP's DNS servers

  6. Go to File->Advanced Settings and make sure the slider bar on the Client Access Method tab is set to the second notch from the top.

  7. Make sure "Transparent Proxy" appears in the WinProxy window (it will be at the bottom of the list of protocols). On your clients:

  8. If you are using our DHCP to obtain IP info, they should be configured to obtain an IP address automatically, no gateway necessary, DNS disabled.

  9. If clients have static IP's, they should be in same subnet as WinProxy's internal NIC. Their default gateway and DNS settings should point to the WinProxy machine's internal IP address.

  10. Make sure you can browse from the client machine with no proxy settings in the browser (go to Tools/Internet Options/Connections tab/LAN Settings and uncheck any boxes that are checked). If this works, most other applications should work through WinProxy.