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Event Name: High Probability Trading (Event ID: GX49AQ)
Event Host: Doug Mac
Event Starts at: 16:30 (ET) on 02/22/2018
Event Duration: 60 minutes
Event Size: 900 people can be accommodated (96 have Registered)

Event Description:
Thank you for registering for this webinar! ADDITIONAL CONNECTION HELP FOLLOWS for WINDOW users, MAC users, follow the links for the Java connection... * * *'Direct Connect' JOIN EVENT LINK: To test or setup the webinar ware in advance, click/or copy/past this NEXT URL to your browser (NO need to uninstall first): (This will install a revision that works on ANY version of Windows - Once you have hotComm CL up & after 60 seconds the 'Please Wait as We Establish Connection to the 1stWorks Network' splash-screen has vanished, it should now say in the lower right hand corner of the application, 'hotComm CL Connected'). * * Once 'Connected', Copy/Paste or CNTRL+ Click THIS NEXT link to your web browser's URL Address bar: (NOTE: The room will NOT be open until 4PM Eastern Time, and you cannot connect UNTIL after that time) * * *AGAIN, the 'Direct Connect' JOIN EVENT LINK: - If you cannot attend live, please visit for more information about their site and services, or email: