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Event Name: WHY Only 1 of 10 Traders Can Ever Trade to PRO LEVELS (Event ID: M9WRCC)
Event Host: Dewayne & Michael @ CFRN.NET
Event Starts at: 16:30 (ET) on 04/27/2017
Event Duration: 60 minutes

Event Description:
Please see for the full session outline or click ENROLL to register today! Join us for expert Emini Futures Trade Coaches, Dewayne & Michael of the Christian Financial Radio News Network, they host a live trade room and a globally broadcasted Net Radio Station discussing the Futures Markets and trading them. They will describe what it REALLY takes to make it as a career trader and why so many fail. We hope you'll make the time to join us on 4/13 at the close of the US Markets. See you at the webinar!