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Event Name: Make $20K Per Month Trading Half Hour a Day Shorting Stocks (Event ID: MZ2B8C)
Event Host: Melissa Armo/
Event Starts at: 16:30 (ET) on 09/05/2017
Event Duration: 60 minutes
Event Size: 900 people can be accommodated (114 have Registered)

Event Description:
Visit to read the full session description ~ or ~ If joining the event, please try THIS link if the hotComm CL you installed is not launching you to the event, on Windows copy/paste THIS URL to your browser - (This will install an alternate revision of our program that should run just fine with any version of Windows incl. Windows 10). Once you have hotComm CL up & after 60 seconds it says, 'Connected', then use THIS link to directly connect into our session: 'Direct Connect' JOIN EVENT LINK: - If you can't make it to the live event, Please email: to get a trial to their LIVE TRADE ROOM or request more information about the classes and educational options they offer new and experienced traders. See you at the webinar!