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Event Name: Earn $20K/Month Trading Momentum Daily (Event ID: UMCC4C)
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Event Starts at: 16:30 (ET) on 11/06/2017
Event Duration: 60 minutes
Event Size: 900 people can be accommodated (90 have Registered)

Event Description:
Please see to read the full session details or click ENROLL to register today! If you can't be with us live on Mon. November 6th, please send an email to: to request to be added to the list for notifying you of future events, upcoming promotions or to announcements of new classes added. Click ENROLL to register today and secure your space! Read on for MORE EVENT CONNECTION HELP: ** If the hotComm CL client you installed from the Connection process is not opening up, please then instead copy/paste or CNTRL+Click THIS NEXT URL (NO need to uninstall first): This will install an alternate revision of our program that should work with any version of Windows - incl. Windows 10. Once you have hotComm CL up & after 60 seconds the 'Please Wait as We Establish Connection to the 1stWorks Network' splash-screen has vanished, it should now say, 'hotComm CL Connected'. Once 'Connected', Copy/Paste or CNTRL+Click THIS NEXT link to directly connect into the session (the room will NOT be open until 4PM Eastern Time on Mon. Nov. 6th and you cannot connect UNTIL after that time)... * * THE DIRECT CONNECT/JOIN EVENT LINK is: We hope to see you ALL at the closing bell on November 6th!