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hotComm Lite to hotComm Standard Feature Comparison
which is right for me - hotComm Lite or hotComm Standard?

For more information, see the full Feature chart.

Client Products
  Lite Lite Plus Standard Comments

Most significant feature differences
Number of rooms you can join at the same time with one license on one computer One One Many 1 With Standard/Pro, you get text and Timed Camera (charts) from all rooms at the same time, and audio from one at a time.
Recording 2 Audio only Audio/Video in WMV format Audio/Video in HCR or WMV format Audio/Video includes audio, and optionally transcript, hotPointer, webcam and Timed Camera (charts).
1Joining multiple rooms at the same time may use more bandwidth and computer resources than joining only one room.
2 Note that moderators may disable recording in their rooms. HCR format is hotComm native format. WMV is Windows Media Format.

Basic features
  Lite Lite Plus Standard Comments
Audio Y Y Y  
Voice(mic) Y Y Y  
Pre-defined Sounds Y Y Y  
Text-to-Speech Y Y Y  
Snap Shot Screen Capture (still cam) Y Y Y  
Timed Camera (updated screenshots) (1) (1) Y (1) Lite can send in 3 and 15 second intervals. Standard can send in a range of 1-99 second intervals.
Private Messages Y Y Y  
Private Sessions (1) (1) Y (1) Lite can invite 1 person. Standard can invite many.
Create Abbreviation Expansion (AEs)   Y Y  
Audience Polling   Y Y  
Drag & Drop Files   Y Y  
Peer-to-peer features     Y Includes independent file sharing, p2p connections
Selectable online pointing tool (hotPointer)       Available starting with hotComm Presenter Pro.
Webcam     Y In webcam-enabled rooms only.
Note: Room moderators may disable use of some features in their rooms.

Connecting to rooms
  Lite Lite Plus Standard Comments
Full room list     Y With Standard/Pro, you get a list of relays and rooms.
"Connect to..." pop-up (Green Person button) Y Y   With Lite, you type in room addresses, and select from a list of prior connections.
hotComm links Y Y Y  

Annual License Fee
  Lite Lite Plus Standard Comments
Product code HCL CLP IML  

6-day trial extension
$11.95   $11.95 To new users, we offer one free trial of either Lite or Standard/Pro but not both.

You can upgrade an existing Lite license to a Standard license.

You can copy your license to other computers, and run hotComm from one at a time.

1-month License
$29.95   $34.95

3-month License
$59.95   $69.95

Annual License
$189.95   $239.95

Lite Plus Feature Upgrade
  $65.95   Plus is a one-time fee feature upgrade for one email address. Plus fee is in addition to an active hotComm Lite license.

Edited 1/7/2011