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Content Relay Manager is described in these topics:

     Set up a CRM
     Room Setup
     Room Request Form
     Panelists and Moderators
     CRM - AEs
     CRM - Puppets
     CRM - Admin
     CRM - Blocklist

Room Setup

In a CRM installation, each room is listed in the All Users group of the User List. (Ignore the CRM group of relays in the User List.)

Each room appears as a separate hotComm session.

Important! Manage all room profiles from Session 1.

This topic describes how to setup a room or change its characteristics.

  1. Create a new room

    Each room is based on a specific hotComm Standard/Pro registration email address (called a room license holder), or on a dummy email address.

    Important! In order to change passwords and add hotComm Standard/Pro moderators, the room license holder must log into the room with the hotComm Standard/Pro registration the room is based on, as a panelist.

    If the room will be moderated by hotComm CL users only, then you can use a dummy email address, such as . However, the room license holder will not be able to change passwords or add Standard/Pro moderators.

    To add a room:

    1. Click File, then Add Room.

    2. Type in the address of the user whose registration is the basis for the room, and click Search.

    3. When the address is found, change the Display to the roomname that you want and click Add User w/o Notification.

    4. Edit the room profile.

  2. Room Profile

    Most of the room configuration is done through the Room Profile.

    To edit the room profile:

    1. Right-click the room name in the User List.

    2. Edit the Room Profile and click Ok.

      Click here for a form that describes most the features: Room Request form.

      Comments area: to add a line break in the comments, use CTRL+Enter.

      Session Control toolbar: see Session Control for a description of the Session Control toolbar options. You can set defaults that will be in effect whenever the room is opened. Room moderators can override the settings during the room session.

  3. Add Moderators (optional).

    See CRM - Panelists and Moderators.

    You can add hotComm Standard/Pro users to the Moderator list for the room.

  4. Add abbreviation expansions (AEs) (optional).

    See CRM - AEs.

    You can set up material that appears when anyone joins the room, including text in the room, an HTML page in a separate window, and/or a Terms of Use agreement that the user must accept in order to enter the room.

  5. Add Puppets (optional).

    See CRM - Puppets.

    You can add puppets for the room. These are imitation users.

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