hotComm on a MAC running under Wineskin: Supported Features

This solution is intended to provide those MAC users in a hotComm room with more freedom to utilize some of the WINDOWS client features. It gives a more robust live room experience than our earlier Java applet solution for MAC OS, and does *NOT* require the MAC user to purchase/install WINDOWS for their MAC through Bootcamp, Parallels VMWare or other alternatives however due to the variances with the MAC OS, not all features tested may work on YOUR MAC.

If the feature is not listed in the grid below, and it important to you, please let us know and we'll test and include the information here so MAC users may wish to put this page in your browser Bookmarks/Favorites and check back periodically as we'll update this with the latest information.

Please note: Commitment to testing a feature request does not imply it can be made available and, at this time, this is a solution for USER PARTICIPANTS in a hotComm room or webinar. This solution is not intended for PRESENTERS since essential presentation features (such as using the microphone, sharing charts or slides) are NOT SUPPORTED.

  1. Installation & Step-by-Step Guide To Using With hotComm CL - FREE Client

  2. Installation & Step-by-Step Guide To Using With hotComm Lite
    (Automatic 7 Day Free Trial Upon Installation & Registration - After which subscription purchase required - Click Here to Order)

  3. Installation & Step-by-Step Guide To Using With hotComm Standard
    (Automatic 7 Day Free Trial Upon Installation & Registration - After which subscription purchase required - Click Here to Order)


  • YES * Feature is working
  • M * Indicates Works w/ Mixed Results (i.e. Not all of the feature is working, typically if it is a Windows Sound Event based feature - such as hotScript - the text panel works, the sound association does not).
  • NO * Feature is not working
  • N/A * Feature is Not Applicable
    Does not exist in your version of hotComm (CL) - Upgrade to hotComm STD required
  • NTY * Feature has Not Been Tested Yet

    If a particular feature is important to you, please send an email to: requesting it be looked at.


    Recording in hotComm STD's WINDOWS based client offers (2) types of recording formats, *.HCR (hotComm Native) and *.WMV (Windows Media Format). Running "BetaMac STD" within the Wineskin porting utility on the MAC ONLY supports recording & playing back a file in the hotComm Native recording format.(*.HCR format) *.WMV recording will *not* work with the "BetaMac STD" solution.

    Supported Features in hotComm Running via Wineskin Porting Utility
    Windows Client Feature hotComm CL - (Free Client) hotComm Lite
    (Subscription Required)
    hotComm *PLUS* (Lite & CL)
    (Lifetime Upgrade Fee Required)
    hotComm Standard
    (Subscription Required)
    More Information & Comments User Guide Information Link
    Instructions For Use
    Audio YES YES YES YES All sounds can be heard through your MAC
    Userguide Link
    hotComm Screens "hotCam"
    (Receiving Still & Timed Charts/Slides)
    YES YES YES YES Participants get the screen - both the still images and timed (updating) images
    These can be resized w/ the manual resize option, and moved around your monitors). At this time, printing, saving, etc. of the *.HCC files are not supported.
    Userguide Link
    Private Messages YES YES YES YES It is recommended that participants private message the moderator by double clicking on their "Nickname" in the hotComm Invited List for best results Userguide Link
    Private Sessions YES YES YES YES hotComm Standard can invite & accept for (1) Private Session, hotComm CL, Lite & PLUS users can accept invites to 1 private session Userguide Link
    Custom Abbreviation Expansions (AE's) N/A N/A YES/M YES/M Can create & send. Can receive & read. Not Supported: No sounds. No line enders. Userguide Link
    hot Day Trainer YES/M YES/M YES/M YES/M Appears to work in all clients. * Search feature not supported with copy /paste. Userguide Link
    hotScript N/A N/A YES/M YES/M hotScript panel opens, can be cleared. Collects designated user posts, Nickname does change color to Red for peers on hotScript, Not Supported: NO SOUNDS Userguide Link
    Recording * * * N/A N/A N/A YES In an *.HCR (hotComm's Native) Format recording *ONLY* Participants can record the screen - both the still images and timed (updating) images, audio and typing from a session.
    These can be resized w/ the manual resize option, and moved around on one or more screens. *.WMV Format recording not available.
    Only works in hotComm STD, no other clients offer *.HCR format archiving.
    Userguide Link
    Silent List N/A YES YES YES Depending on room settings; works to silent users (i.e. put on "ignore" - no text from silent users will post); Will not silence moderators
    * Solid/Preferably Wired Internet connection required
    Userguide Link
    Text-to-Speech NO
    NO Wineskin cannot sound out Microsoft's Text-to-Speech voices (MS Sam/MS Mary, etc.)
    Userguide Link
    Drag & Drop Files/File Share/Still camera snapshots NO NO NO NO No; these features (and most Peer-to-Peer features with the exceptions of Private Messages & Private Sessions), are *not* supported Userguide Link
    MORE FEATURES... NTY NTY NTY NTY hotComm has many features; you are welcome to try and see how they work with your MAC
    Userguide Link

    Please submit any problem reports with features you may be trying to engage ~ OR ~ Request a Windows hotComm client based feature to be tested by sending an email to:

    Uploaded August 2014