1stWorks is a well established, privately held, revenue generating, software company based near Boston, MA with an attractiive combination of software roducts.and patented intellectual property.

Our core product platform is hotComm, real time communications software for conferencing and presentations,with an established customer base among online futures traders. This platform integrates several powerful 1stWorks technology strengths including, the ability to capture screen content efficiently, to determine the content deltas quickly, to compress the resulting transmission more effectively and to present dynamic content instantly to a global audience.

We have two patents already issued for Quantized Indexing, which will become the next generation of general purpose data compression technology and we have several patents pending on data compression and data security as they specifically relate to mobile devices.

More recently, we have applied these technologies to developing Files2Phones, a remote control web application as a service for iPhone and iPod touch users, where they can access, view and control their desktop applications and resources remotely in real time - we have also developed an Enterprise Edition which places the Access Manager server software securely inside a corporate network for controlled corporate access and improved network security.

Currently, we are developing a powerful self service messaging platform,, to capture a segment of the emergency and advisory text messaging marketplace among corporations, schools and any affinity groups.

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