Introducing hotComm For Windows OS:

Vista, 7/8.1 & Windows 10!

hotComm ~ Real-time desktop content delivery, the independent solution for interactive conferencing, collaboration, and secure high-quality rapid data transfer. Try it today!

Attention Valued Clients/Customers!

We now have instantaneous network access via our hotComm 'Quick Connect' Client Desktop Shortcuts. See our 'Downloads' page for more information...

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hotComm now offers Multi Pro, a Presenter product delivering any multimedia presentation into multiple rooms simultaneously. This means a single Presenter can deliver real time content to up to 32000 users in a single session through the advanced Content Replication features of hotComm Multi Pro

hotComm also features "sticky" image sizing so you don't have to reset each Presenter's images, improvements in audio device detection and more connectivity enhancements. Plus, you can run any version of hotComm V: 8.0+ from a Windows User account, no more need for Administrator privileges.

Revision 8.0 runs on all new 32 & 64 bit Windows 8 & 10 systems (XP, Vista & 7 still supported) and includes new increased productivity features such as a convenient Presenter Preview Window, always know what your audience is viewing on their end!

Ask about hotComm's partner site Online Trader Central, our premium live interactive sessions offering marketing opportunities as well as continuing education for day traders. Online Trader Central brings the markets (and how to trade them) direct to your desktop! Webinars have just gotten smarter for those trading on the World Wide Web. From big finance companies to individual mentors and teachers and their students, visit: to check out what's upcoming...

Now is the time. Investment corporations, e-finance, professional daytraders, trade-coach educators/mentors and their students, as well as medical, legal, and recreational professionals that rely on the web to bring global teams together - proudly use our time-tested and high performing content relay servers.

For over a decade, smart businesses have been making the switch from loaded-down, lethargic, and system "resource-hogging" browser-based web conferencing tools to hotComm. When the bottom-line, timing and reliability is everything, your company can't afford even one more minute of "down time". Your firms productivity and profits depend on it!

hotComm 8.0 Has It All!

  • Multiple Presentation Modes, scalable to 32000 users in a single session
  • Easy desktop management
  • Live Video, VoIP & Graphics
  • Web Touring & Whiteboard
  • Full Feature Session Recording in two formats
  • Dynamic Desktop
  • Hosted or Direct Connections
  • Audience Polling Wizard
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Rapid File Transfer
  • Audience participation with selective inclusions or restrictions
  • ...And MUCH, much, more!

hotComm in action

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