hotComm Lite

A "lite" client for hotComm Rooms

With hotComm Lite, anyone can Participate in an online multi-media meeting.
  • Use hotComm Lite to connect to one hotComm room at a time.
  • hotComm Lite includes many of the powerful and secure multi-media features of hotComm Standard/Pro, such as: chat, voice, charts and graphics, and more -- perfect for participating in real-time, spontaneous sessions.
  • Free 7-Day Trial*, then purchase a license.
    * For new users, we offer one free 7-day trial of one hotComm product. Continued use, trials of other products, or additional trials require a purchased license.
Introducing Lite Plus - an add-on license providing unlimited lifetime access to more powerful features.
  • Lite Plus users can choose multimedia recording in the industry-standard .wmv format for both audio and charts where permitted instead of just audio. Click here to test .wmv recording.

  • Lite Plus users can create custom Abbreviation/Expansion messages to complement the standard set. You can add your own custom .wav files and emoticons.

  • Lite Plus users have access to the hotScript feature to isolate transcript postings to display only those from their preferred colleagues. You can get a sound alert when someone from your hotScript list posts.

  • Lite Plus users can drag-and-drop files into the typing area for posting into the room, and, where permitted, can send custom sounds into the room by dragging-and-dropping small .wav files onto the Sounds button.

  • Lite Plus users will be highlighted in the Room List as a Plus user.

Click here for more information on Lite Plus

Your lifetime Lite Plus feature-set upgrade one-time fee is only $65.95 visit our order page and sign up for Plus now.
System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

Windows clients:   hotComm,   hotComm Lite,   and hotComm CL

  • Windows XP. Vista or Windows 7/8 on a PC. You may need to be logged in with Administrator Privileges to install and start the software if you're downloading to a PC on a corporate network.
  • Minimum RAM: 512K RAM for text chat only, (bare minimum)
  • BEST by Microsoft is recommended 1 gigabyte of RAM for multi-media (i.e. VoIP, 1.0 Second updating visual graphics programs/trading platforms AND text/typing "chat") presentations, (Typical Setup: Windows Vista, 7 or 8 64 bit machine - 32 bit machines can have less RAM)

  • NOTE: more RAM may be needed for presenting, recording and/or running multiple programs at the same time.

  • 10 MB of hard disk space for installation.
  • An high-speed (preferably wired) Internet connection.
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher. See Microsoft for DirectX downloads.
  • For audio, the Truespeech audio codec must be installed. See Truespeech in "I can't hear anyone".
  • For speaking, a noise-cancelling microphone is recommended.
  • For Webcam, your camera must support Windows Imaging Acquisition (WIA).

Firewall, Privacy and Security requirements: Be sure to allow hotComm to access the Internet through your firewall, privacy and security software, and grant it all possible rights. For more information, see "Firewalls" at Firewalls FAQ.