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hotComm is part of the 1stWorks Corporation. 1stWorks has defined a sophisticated yet scaleable peer to peer application platform. Any user may be client or server or both, providing maximum flexibility and interoperability among the users, who may be world-wide and are not required to be aligned with any particular ISP.

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hotComm provides powerful collaboration tools for group navigation to deliver guided tours around web pages or shared files, hotcomm supports shared applications where groups can access and manipulate content, including documents, spreadsheets or web pages, together, simultaneously and securely. As with all other hotComm communications, these data transfers are protected through encryption with a unique, dynamic key specific to the particular users in each individual session. Optionally, for those customers who prefer not to open required inbound ports through their firewall, 1stWorks offers a Proxy Server alternative to deliver all the functionality of hotComm without changing existing firewall settings.

Find out even more in our hotComm FAQ.

hotComm hotComm Lite

1stWorks announces hotComm Lite, all the power of hotComm collaboration without even registering your software. Use it to connect to any registered hotComm user and you can share all the powerful and secure collaboration features of hotComm.

Chat, voice, shared applications and content, real time markup and group navigation, it's all here! hotComm Lite is perfect for those online meetings with spontaneous guests. There's no registration, just download, install and connect.

You can connect to anyone with a hotComm account and an active link. If they, or you, are behind a firewall, no problem. 1stWorks transparent Proxy makes the connection safely and securely. Great for online demonstrations, perfect for spontaneous, full featured collaboration.

Your copy of hotComm Lite is available for download now !