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At 1stWorks Corporation's hotComm your complete satisfaction is very important to us. We welcome your feedback and questions concerning hotComm & our online continuing educational webinars for traders, or any of our products, and we're here to give you complete and as prompt support as possible. Please feel free to access our help files, or to send us your questions using the various methods below.


(After 9/21/19)

IP/NETWORK CHANGE — IP Address for the hotComm Network changing from to:

WINDOWS PC USERS — Watch this YouTube Tutorial Below for EXACT INSTRUCTIONS before requesting help from the Support Techs

MAC USERS — Watch this YouTube Tutorial Below for EXACT INSTRUCTIONS before requesting help from the Support Techs

10/2019: MAC OS News for traders running hotComm CL on a MAC

CLICK HERE for the MAC Alert Document for new OS - (CATALINA)


hotComm runs on all Windows operating systems, specifically Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10.

Microsoft XP has met its' 'End of Life'. This means that Microsoft is no longer supporting computers running Windows XP. hotComm Support cannot guarantee that hotComm or our Online Trader Central webinars will run correctly without a fully supported operating system.

NEWS - hotComm Support Bulletins

  NEW VIDEO ADDED TO OUR MAC PAGE! (Linked to the 'MAC HELP' graphic above)  

  NEW INFO As of October 2019 MAC OS/Java client issues see our Apple support help page.  

  ATTN: MAC Users running any hotComm client within Wineskin:      If you can, Please do not update your MAC to CATALINA, as parameters have changed since 'Mohave' and all 32 Bit applications are no longer functioning on MAC'S Newest (CATALINA). See the document HERE for alternative ideas...

We DO have a set of instructions to supply those that are still on Mojave or Sierra to allow the Wineskin/hotComm solution to run on your MAC.  

   More information will be posted here & on our MAC Sys Requirements page as soon as we have it. Thank you!  

   ❃ See: MAC OS/Apple Help Page, Includes Wineskin Setup Instructions - Click Here!

  hotComm 8.0  now available for Windows 10, *REVISION INCLUDES presenter preview local streaming window* Please see Revision History for a description.

  Click System Requirement information before downloading the hotComm Client and/or visit   

   ❃ FAQ hotComm section
for hotTopics/trouble-shooting or **NEW** webinar help.  

  * NEWS from 1stWorks/hotComm & PC2Me * 

 I.  Presentation Preview Window (in using the hotComm Timed Camera screen sharing
in hotComm Presenter Pro clients ONLY) 
 II. ...And hotComm Presenter Pro Tips & Time Saving Treasures Presentation Archive for Room Owners & Moderators on the hotComm Presenter Pro Client ONLY may find it helpful to be able to see what they are presenting to the audience.
 III. PC2 Me with Flash! See: The PC2ME Homepage for more details... 

Note for Kaspersky users -- You MAY need to configure your Kaspersky in "Allowed Applications" for hotComm to run with no interference after you download or update.
Please see our instructions at
hotComm current revisions
Product Revision Update Info.
hotComm Std/Pro 8.00.012x   (8.8Mb) Update hotComm Std/Pro
hotComm Lite 8.00.012x   (7.4Mb) Update hotComm Lite
hotComm CL 8.00.012x    Update hotComm CL


Notice: Windows Vista and hotComm

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    Through-the-product connections:
    Lite, CL = Relay:Test
    Std/Pro = Relay, then Test

  • E-mail:     Please set your email filters to allow all mail from and If you don't get a reply from us, check your spam or junk mailboxes.

  • Voicemail: 508-425-6613. Note: for fastest response, join the Support Room or send email.

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Audio Test Room

  • Audio Test Room (open 24x7), with a non-stop audio recording:

    Java link:
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    If prompted, the password = 123


  • Training with Professor hotComm. Hands-on, online training sessions are scheduled regularly.